Cultivating Skills through Ignition Academy Internships

Education is the foundation to a successful career, however, there is also much to be said for practical experience within the workplace. We feel that there is no substitute for knowing first-hand how a business operates, and by offering students the opportunity to grow with Ignition, we are helping them to be better prepared for the path ahead.

What does the Ignition Academy offer?

The Ignition Academy is a scheme run with local schools in which we provide sixth form students a placement within our company for a period of up to 3 weeks. During this time, we develop their abilities within a digital marketing environment, giving them valuable insight into various activities that are the core of our enterprise. Throughout their placement, students are also given time to develop their eCommerce knowledge through industry-leading online courses such as Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This internationally recognised course is accredited by the Open University and provides students with the perfect starting block to launch their ambition.

Developing digital skills for a digital world

Work placements are not our only initiative. The Ignition Academy also offers annual digital skills workshops for sixth form students, taking this much-requested learning experience directly into the classroom. The workshop includes a presentation section to provide insight into various aspects of our company, such as graphic design, content and web development. However, we also run a practical section of the course where students can apply what they have learned within a team exercise. As the field of digital marketing is constantly evolving over time, traditional education routes are unable to capture this highly changeable landscape, making the opportunities provided by the Ignition Academy all the more valuable.

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