How we’re helping to preserve the Brazilian Rainforest

We are always eager to do our part when it comes to helping the planet, whether that’s finding greener heating solutions or contributing to wider environmental causes. The Agrocortex project aims to preserve untouched areas of the Brazilian rainforest by reducing the rate of harvesting, as well as protecting and replanting local plant species and encouraging biodiversity. We have partnered up with Ecologi to lend a helping hand to this incredible project.

What Ignition is doing to help

By supporting this cause, we are assisting with the restoration of 186,219 hectares of land in the most biodiverse area of Brazil. This green initiative seeks to completely remove the threat of deforestation in order to offset carbon emissions. Based in the Pacific Coast of Columbia, the project manages and protects a total of 158 tree species within its bounds. The land is owned by a Brazilian timber company dedicated to sustainable harvesting and the regrowth of tree species such as mahogany. There are also a wealth of native plants and birds, along with eight endangered species to consider, so preservation is key when it comes to this region of the Brazilian rainforest.

Inside the project’s boundaries, only a small amount of harvest activity is permitted which is why its biomass has remained stable, but the problem arises in the increase of deforestation encroaching on the land. Through constant monitoring of the area, the Agrocortex project can continue to achieve successful conservation and prevent any further deforestation. However, there is more to be done, which is why will continue our contribution to this worthwhile cause.

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