Ignition Supports Reforestation in Madagascar

Helping to create a greener planet is becoming more prevalent in today’s society and there are many ways in which we can do this. At Ignition, we are dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint to help fight the climate crisis and one of the ways we have done this is by partnering up with Eden Project via Ecologi and getting involved with the mangrove planting project in Madagascar.

What is the project?

Madagascar is known for being a paradise to a vast amount of plant-life and animals, many of which are so unique to the island that they cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Sadly, however, deforestation is a growing problem and has been for a number of years, with as much as 90% of its original forests having been completely destroyed. This not only results in the tragic loss of habitats for many animals but also the loss of farming land for the Malagasy people. Through our partnership with Ecologi, we are helping with the reforestation and restoration of 1,354 (roughly 180km2) hectares of new mangrove forests in Madagascar, with the goal of planting two million mangroves on designated land. This not only helps the environment in Madagascar, it also helps with local employment so that the people of the island benefit as well as the wildlife. Mangroves are an essential part of life in Madagascar, which is why we felt it was vital to assist in any way we could. 

Currently, Ignition plants 588 trees a month thanks to our dedication to projects just like this one and we are excited to continue with our contributions.

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