Our Contribution to Wind Energy Projects in India

As a company that believes in a future where green heating is easily accessible, supporting renewable energy schemes is one of our top priorities. Through Ecologi, we’ve helped fund the Orange Anantapur Wind Power project, an installation of 50 wind turbines based in Andhra Pradesh in India. Each turbine has a 2,000 kW capacity with the potential to offset 77.9 tonnes of CO2 each year.

The impact of this project is far reaching for areas of rural India still reliant on coal power plants for energy production. By reducing dependence on fossil fuels, residents will have cleaner air, which will also help to reduce long-term health conditions caused by smog. Coal power plants cause a substantial amount of water pollution, so by giving the local area a green energy source, they will have access to cleaner streams and rivers.

Projects like Orange Anantapur Wind Power also have tremendous potential for the local economy. Once installed, the wind farm will create jobs in the area and allow the development of new skills within the community, providing affordable green energy for thousands of people. Benefits like these are exactly why we will continue to support global renewable initiatives – they provide a substantially improved quality of life for all those involved and have the potential to reinvigorate local industries.

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