Restoring Natural Habitats in Dalry, Scotland

Nothing is more important to us than green initiatives, and through our work with Ecologi, we are helping a number of domestic reforestation projects. One of these sites is located in Dalry, North Ayrshire, and covers approximately 430 acres of land previously home to a number of native species. However, through overfarming, the area had become barren and uninhabitable, which made it a prime candidate for restoration.

The impact of sustainable planting

Ecologi is an organisation that works with businesses to help offset carbon emissions and provide support to grass-roots environmental causes. By partnering with them and The Future Forest Company – the team who manage the Dalry site – we have helped to foster a healthy ecosystem within the area. It is estimated that after 10 years of replanting, every acre of the new forest will store 7-14 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. This will be measured against methodology developed by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to gauge how much carbon is captured each year. As well as measuring the impact the forest has on carbon storage, The Future Forest Company will also be monitoring how many different species have returned since planting the trees, to give an accurate analysis on how the project has improved Dalry’s overall ecology.

Helping habitats and communities grow

Ignition’s assistance is also bringing other benefits to the area. A number of sustainable businesses operate out of the newly planted acreage and includes the production of birch syrup, raising high-welfare pork, and the creation of smoked products, all of which help the local economy. To safeguard Dalry over time, The Future Forest Company are carefully using traditional agroforestry techniques such as rotational livestock grazing and using waste to create biochar. The livestock reared in the forest will also help to spread seeds and enrich the soil with manure. Over the years, the new forest will play an important role in biodiversity, and we look forward to assisting with more green enterprises across the UK.

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