Ignition’s Induction Aspirations

At Ignition, our team continues to grow and develop in new and exciting ways. Recruitment is a valuable part of this progression, but the hard work doesn’t just stop when our newest team members sign on the dotted line.

Induction means different things to different people. Back in the day it may have been a quick tour around the building, a system demonstration and confirmation of working hours, but now we know it to be so much more. Several different studies claim 1 in 4 new starters leave their roles within the first six months – a statistic that can be drastically improved with just a little bit more time, energy and thought. By turning an induction into a meaningful, nurturing experience, people are more likely to feel like a valued member of the team, rather than a fish out of water.

What are Ignition inductions like?

At Ignition, we aim to make our induction a five-star experience. We take our time, giving new starters the freedom to learn about the business as well as their own role within the company. In the first week, they spend time with a member of our senior leadership team, during which they are given a detailed explanation of our history, brand vision and strategy for the future. We recognise that knowledge instils confidence – so by taking the time to fully educate a new recruit on their role within the team, they end up better prepared, which ultimately sets them up for greater success.

Role specific training is part and parcel of all inductions, but as well as getting to grips with tasks, our main induction objective is to build confidence. We add networking and social learning activities into our plan, giving new starters the opportunity to connect with other teams, learn about products and get the support of buddies along the way.

Inductions: an essential part of any new role

An induction is a marathon not a sprint.

We don’t just tick the boxes because it’s what we ‘should’ do – we give time, energy and creativity to our induction process because it’s the right thing to do. Our programme is part of a long-term vision, to develop and empower people – not confuse and pressure them. Yes, we want all our newcomers to feel they can hit the ground running, but it’s their long-term contribution that we really care about. To us, there’s no better investment of our time and we can’t wait to put our collaboration and creativity to the test for the next generation of Ignition.

Tips for an inspiring induction

  1. Take time to plan – Don’t scramble a plan together on day one; make sure you set some time aside to consider what your new team members need to succeed in their first week, month and year.
  2. Don’t just focus on tasks – Make sure your newest team members to connect with others and give them opportunities to learn about the culture and vision of the business.
  3. Make it fun – Induction doesn’t have to be about one-way knowledge – try planning some fun events into your induction such as ‘speed dating’ or other ice-breaker games to make people feel comfortable and relaxed.
  4. Set goals and give clarity – As a new starter progresses through their induction, make sure you are taking time to set goals and celebrate when they are met; this will help to build confidence, which should be a main goal in the process.

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