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Be Creative

Creativity flows through our people, products and platform. It’s the key ingredient to overcome any obstacles we encounter within every facet of business. Creative thinking opens doors for collaboration, discussion and evolution, aiding our intent to spearhead innovation within our field.

Be Empathetic

Empathy is deep rooted within the foundations of how we operate and is a vital prerequisite to our long-term success. Our empathy is all encompassing, it’s fair, thoughtful and kind. It does not judge or discriminate. As empathetic people we forge genuine and meaningful relationships.

Be Bold

Act, analyse and then be bolder. Take calculated risks, be open minded, embrace mistakes to foster growth and success, never allowing the pursuit of perfection to inhibit progression. Our environment facilitates courage and catches people when they fall. Be bold, be brave, be you.

Learn Continuously

We are a group of lifelong learners and place equal value on lived experience, academic and professional achievements. Vital lessons occur through daily interactions, mistakes and successes. Our shared mindest of openness, self-reflection and curiosity cultivates the power of continuous learning and is the essence of the culture we create.

Elevate Others

We achieve great things when we raise each other up whilst working towards a shared vision. We are generous with our time and knowledge to empower, support and motivate. We respect and recognise the array of talent, skills and personalities within our team and have confidence in competence at all levels, allowing ownership & opportunity.

Win Together

At our core is a winning mentality that reverberates through our people, values and culture. It powers our passion for excellence, drives our desire for results and projects our ambitions for progress. Together we break down boundaries, together we flourish, together we win. 

People. Empowered.

We have forged a development culture that values progress, learning and individual success. We are proud to provide the necessary tools for every one of our employees to achieve their goals and we will encourage you to share your career aspirations with us, as we understand that committing to and promoting your development, will reward us with your increased commitment and loyalty. We understand the importance of our people and demonstrate that with exciting and realistic opportunities for career progression.

Our culture defines us

We understand the most important thing we can do to nurture our positive culture is to help our people realise a higher purpose through their work. We are proud to offer a strong sense of purpose and ownership which we know is rare and certainly can’t be built overnight. To win the year, you have to win the day, so every single day we are laying the bricks of a strong foundation which embrace an employee culture of empowerment, transparency and agility.

Our Winning Formula:


We give our team the space to express their observations, and then ask them to create solutions. We’ve realised, this leads to greater trust and self-determination, which ultimately creates an essential sense of ownership.


We make it clear what the shared vision is and what our team members are individually responsible for, enabling everyone to achieve their goals and understand how vital their role is in the overall success of the company.


We encourage and celebrate our team members at every level of the organisation, which in turn enables each individual the opportunity to become an empowered owner of our overall business outcomes. Ignition is the people.

Emotional Intelligence

We are proud to have cultivated an organisation-wide support network for each of our colleagues, so every member of our team takes ownership for the impact of their feelings, safe in the knowledge that they are cared for, understood and supported.

A day in the life

Our offices are set in the heart of the idyllic North Yorkshire countryside and a stone’s throw away from the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a mere 10 minute drive from Nidd Gorge in one direction and Knaresborough town centre in the other, offering a relaxing reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you’re not one for taking a walk in the country, our premises have been recently renovated to make staying in for lunch an attractive alternative. We have a small gym, complete with a running machine, rowing machine, and cross-trainer, as well as a large break-out room with a bar, pool table, retro arcade game, table football, mini putting green, and a TV linked up to NETFLIX.

Every week, we enjoy “free food” Thursdays where we eat either pizza, fish & chips, or a deli buffet on rotation. In the summer months, we even enjoy the occasional BBQ and throughout the rest of the week we provide as much fruit as you can eat. 

If you want to be part of a dynamic, employee-focused company that does things a little differently, please get in touch we would love to hear from you.



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Ignition is a great place to work, with a culture of collaboration that pushes our teams to work together to achieve excellence. We are perfectionists and pragmatists who set ambitious targets but always deliver on time. We are dynamic, agile and creative: Every member of staff is encouraged to take the initiative, and our processes are constantly evolving to generate the best results.


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