Our story

We champion electric heating as the heating solution of the future because it is carbon free, ideal for use with sustainable energy and perfectly adapted to take advantage of SMART electronic technology.

The UK spends roughly 62% of our domestic fuel and energy use on heating our homes. We all know something needs to change so we have tirelessly dedicated ourselves to creating that progressive step forwards by researching, developing and providing our customers with the most forward thinking, technology driven ‘sustainable ready’ products available today.

Why does it matter?

Heat accounts for more than a third of our current carbon emissions

Combined with 100% green renewable energy, electric heating systems can be carbon zero

Only 8% of properties in England, 13% in Scotland and 5% in Wales currently use electric heating.

Sustainable Business in a Sustainable World

As an aspiring sustainable business we strive to become an enterprise that partners a minimal negative impact with a positive effect on green consumer behaviour. We strive to meet the ‘triple bottom line’ and cluster our brands with “green capitalism”. We have progressive environmental and human rights policies whilst ensuring that each of our brands meet the following criteria:

1. We incorporate principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions.

2. Where possible we supply environmentally friendly products that replace demand for non-green alternatives.

3. We are greener than traditional competition.

4. We have made an enduring commitment to environmental principles in all our business operations.

2019 Business Performance

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